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Measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19

Taking into account that the protection of both of our customers and employees is our own responsibility, special preventive measures - against the possible dispersion of the COVID-19- will be taken at Blue Waves Suites and Apartments.


Preparing, cleaning and disinfecting rooms.

• Frequency of cleaning the room will be agreed upon arrival.
• No frequent contact of cleaning workers with hotel customers.
• Daily change of clothing and towels, only at customer's request.
• Cleaning of all the surfaces that are frequently touched by visitors, such as knobs, switches, keys, etc. with high-level disinfectant cleaners (sodium hypochlorite solutions, etc.)
• Cleaning of fabric surfaces (such as furniture upholstery, mattresses, etc.) using a steam appliance (temperature > 70°).


For our employees:

• Proper information and training of our staff so that they can deal with any difficult situation calmly and avoid panic.
• Meticulous observance of hand hygiene measures and avoidance of close contact (distance 1-2 meters).
• The use of a mask and gloves is recommended in any case.
• Use of disinfectants, suitable for the current occasion
• Avoid entering the hotel rooms if there is no significant reason.


For our customers:

• Check-out takes place at 11 a.m. while check-in is transferred at 15.00 p.m. so that the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and ventilated (always depending on availability).
• Contact information for health providers, clinics, and pharmacies on the island will be available.
• For reasons of public health, details of all the people who stayed at the hotel will be kept on a record book.


Blue Waves Suites and Apartments abide by the Greek Health protocol of hotels and Petros Tsigonias is acknowledged as the health manager, responsible for the observance of the above protocol in each sector. Contact information GR, +30 6955497717

Wishing you a nice summer and a pleasant stay at Blue Waves Suites and Apartments!


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